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Tunghai University
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About our school

Tunghai Affiliated Hish SchoolThe Tunghai Affiliated High School is a private school located on the beautiful Tunghai University campus in Taichung, Taiwan. Both the junior-high level (grades 7-9) and the senior-high level (grades 10-12) have 18 classes with about 50 students in each class. The student body totals approximately 1800 students.

Regular Classes

The school plans to add two English classes to grade 7-8 and grade 10-11, one in the Social Sciences category and one in the Natural Sciences category.

Saturday Classes

Special extracurricular classes are held on Saturday mornings.

  • Two drama sessions to help students write and perform English skits.
  • Two additional sessions for sports, songs/hymns, or discussion of contemporary issues.


  • The school will provide living accommodations
  • NT$500 per session (US$15.25)
  • No classes on Sunday and Monday
  • Contract by semester
  • Experience living in a different culture while serving the Lord and making a difference in the lives of young people.

Application Requirements

  • Two reference letters: one from a church pastor, and one from someone who knows you well.
  • A teaching certificate is preferred.
  • The application deadline is January 15, 2007. Please send a cover letter and two letters of reference to Paster Lee.